movements and actions

Silverline a development model from Kerala
K Rail is not just for Kerala. K Rail and K Phone are a great start to lead India on the revolutionary path of democratic popular development. Succeeding at them is the need of the hour. The achievement of the Left is that the Left government was able to undertake that historic mission.
Social outlook and commitment
Kerala is moving forward even as the gang of spies is constantly attacking the high social outlook of Kerala. There is still a long way to go. It needs speed. Judas is the one who asks why there is so much speed. Not all poets are cultural heroes. Some are people who want to pull the culture back. They are the ones who give fertilizer and water to the poisonous plants of the Sangh Parivar. They have no social outlook, they are anti-social.
Wealth and Social System
The world has a system that makes some people rich and many others poor. This system is responsible for many of the problems in the world today. We need a system that enriches everyone who provides the facilities to meet the needs of all. The movement's Socio - Economic Empowerment aims to create a socio - economic environment for all to meet their own needs without hindrance.
Social work and returns
Sitting in a five-thousand-square-foot palace, tiling and cleaning his entire yard with the promise of not growing a single blade of grass in his own yard, and becoming an environmental celebrity in a country where locals need to be environmentally conscious, becoming a celebrity without capital is a business venture.
Life and world view
Boundaries are man-made. The correct adjective is state construction. Love and humanity are not limited to borders. The worldview is the recognition that human beings live beyond our borders and are entitled to justice and love.
Our Future can not be predicted
The right approach is that tomorrow is a hope, a dream, a fantasy. Now the matter is much clearer. Tomorrow is the approach. Whatever our approach, it will be the key element of tomorrow. How we approach things in the present and in history plays a key role in shaping tomorrow.
Village libraries in Kerala
Our rural reading rooms have played a major role in differentiating Kerala from other states. While the remnants of them were closed during the Corona era, none of us should forget their role in enhancing the immunity of the Malayalees.
Share Market June 8, 2022
Business families like Ambani and Adani have come forward to help the BJP in public. Modi's closeness to these two families is also public. Another businessman accused Modi of being the company's kitchen yard sweeper. It is alleged that the Adani Group is Modi's 'benami' company. Modi has not denied any of this.
Literacy in India
Take a look at British India. According to the 1901 Census, India's literacy rate was only five percent. India, which can only be read and written by five out of a hundred, was again occupied by the British Empire for more than forty years, but no literacy was achieved. Literacy in British India has improved by ten per cent in forty years. In independent India, literacy has improved by ten per cent in ten years.
Common sense and consciousness
Extra-terrestrial consciousness is the perception that occurs through non-senses. Extra-terrestrial consciousness is higher than sensory perception. Extrinsic consciousness is a level of consciousness, not a category of consciousness.
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